" Open Education Research " Frequently Asked Questions

(January 2014 )

1. Who are the contributors of " Open Education Research " ?

The contributors are the staff of universities, research institutes and enterprises in adult education, open education, distance education, lifelong education, higher education, computers and related disciplines practice and research.

2. Will " Open Education Research " charge fees for publication?

Our journal regards supporting academic prosperity and the scholars as its responsibility. There is no charge for publication. The royalties will be paid once the paper is accepted.

3.How to contribute ?

All articles are submitted through http://openedu.shtvu.edu.cn. Please do not submit to the journal and personal mailbox of the editor. The submissions in paper version are not accepted, thanks!

4. What are the requirement for format of manuscripts submitted?

The format of manuscripts submitted to our journal should be in accordance with APA style, Please check the " Manuscript Submission Guidelines". The examples can be found in the samples provided online.

5. What are the problems the contributors should pay attention to during the submission?

All the contributor should ensure the accuracy of introduction of the author (name, employer, academic title, research areas), contact telephone number and e-mail address, so that the editorial board can get in touch with you quickly and accurately.

6. After I submitted the article, why the manuscript status has not changed for a long time ( no more than 2 months )?

If you submitted the article by submission system, make sure that you have submitted the final manuscript. After confirming the above situation, and still has not received any responses, please contact the editorial board(kfjy@shtvu.edu.cn ,008621-25653938).

7. Can Academic conference papers in a proceeding be published in "Open Education Research "?

Is the proceedings published publicly? That is, you should decide if the publication has a ISBN. If the proceedings has a ISBN, then it is an official publication, the paper will not be published in our journal. If there is no ISBN, it belongs to exchanging materials, the paper can be submitted to our journal.

8. What is the reviewing processes ?

9. Why there is the external review?

With the sense of responsibility for the academic achievements of each author, the contributions will be reviewed twice in our editorial board before reviewed by two or more external anonymous experts.

10. How long will be the reviewing period ?

The reviewing period is three months, some manuscript may be extended. After you submitted the article, please pay close attention to the status of submission of the system. If there is an emergency situation , please contact the editorial board: kfyj@shtvu.edu.cn; 008621-25653938.

11. If the reviewing process has been too long, can I submit to another journal instead?

As a result of different causes, the manuscript processing period can be quite long, during which the author reserves the right to withdraw the article at any time. Please notify the editorial board if you want to withdraw the article. If you fail to notify the editorial board, which lead to some situation, the editorial board is entitled to your accountability ( mainly for the situation of an article being reviewed and published in different journals at the same time due to failure of notifying the editorial board by the author).We are sorry that the authors may withdraw their submissions, and hope for your understandings. Please continue to pay attention to our journal.

12. Will a sample copy of the journal be provided for the author after the article being published ?

Two sample issues will be mailed to the author free of charge. The author can purchase more copies if he need more. The sample issue will be sent to the author according to the address of employer left. If you want to change the recipient address, please contact the editorial board.

13. Will there be a notification if the article is accepted?

If the articles are accepted, we will contact the author directly. No notification will be sent. If you need a notification in some special occasions, please contact us.

14. When will each issue be received ? What should I do if I do not receive one ?

" Open Education Research " is published on 5th of every even month and be distributed by post office. If you do not receive the current issue by the end of even month, please check your local post office, or contact the editorial board: kfyj@shtvu.edu.cn, call 008621-25653938. We will try to resolve the problem or send another copy .