Current Instructional Design Models and Principles for

Effective E-learning and Mobile Learning


Minjuan Wang1,2  Felicia Brown1 Jason W.P. Ng2


(1. San Diego State University,San Diego,USA;

2.EBTIC Research Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE)


Abstract:As an attempt to identify how to effectively design learning activities and content for cloud learning, this paper explores current models and principles for designing effective products for e-learning and mobile learning. In addition, we examine the graphical and programmatic aspects of good online and mobile e-learning products. It is clear that more research is needed to fully understand how best to design instruction for mobile and cloud learning experiences.

Key words: e-learning design; mobile learning; cloud learning

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Article ID1007-2179(2012)06-0060-06

The Authors: Dr. Minjuan Wang is an associate professor of Educational Technology at San Diego State University (SDSU), in California, USA; and a research fellow of EBTIC (Etisalat British Telecom Innovation Center), Abu Dhabi, UAE. Her main research interests are the design and implementation of mobile and cloud learning, methods in teaching large online or hybrid classes, and the design of instruction and systems for the global audience( Felicia Brown is an instructional designer/technologist at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA. She is currently working towards earning a Master of Arts in Educational Technology with an emphasis in instructional design at San Diego State University. Dr. Jason Ng is a Chief Scientist in EBTIC, a joint research and innovation centre between BT, ETISALAT and KUSTAR.




王敏娟1,2  费利西娅·布朗1  黄伟平2