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Review of the Development of GCCCE over 10 Years 

——An Interview with Prof. CHEN Dehuai


Journalist XI Jianhua


Editorial: From 1990s’, education has closer relationship with computer, and more and more people engage the research and practice of technology in education. As a result, many academic conferences and communities are formed, in which GCCCE is one of the most influential one and it provide a broad platform for researchers and practicers to communicate. June, 2-5, 2006, the journalist attended the 10th GCCCE, and interviewed prof. Chen Dehuai, the chairman of the conference. As the leader and attendee, Prof. Chen reviewed the development of GCCCE, including the rapid process and problems, and forecast the future.

Prof. Chen is the Director of Science and Technology for Learning and the Chair and Professor of the Graduate Institute of Network Learning Technology at the National Central University of Taiwan. Over the years, Chan has worked on artificial intelligence in education, computer supported collaborative learning, computer mediated interactive classrooms, networked learning communities, ubiquitous and mobile learning, and more recently digital game and toy based learning.

Chan has co-founded conference series ICCEs and GCCCEs, international academic societies AACE-APC, GCSCE, and APSCE. In 2003, Chan initiated a network of world-class researchers, G1:1, for promoting international collaboration in one-to-one technology enhanced learning. Chan has served on editorial boards, as associate editors, or as advisory editors, of about ten international journals as well as on project review panels in the US and the EU.