朱伶俐1   刘黄玲子2


(1.北京大学 网络教育学院,北京 100871; 

2.北京师范大学 知识科学与工程研究所, 北京 100875)



【关键词】CSCL; 交互; 实证研究





Influencial Factors of Online Interaction in CSCL Enviornment


ZHU Lingli1 & LIU Huanglizi2


(1.School of Network Education,Peking University,Beijing 100871,China; 

2. Institute of Knowledge Science & Engineering,Beijing Nornmal University,

Beijing 100875,China)


Abstract: The researchers designed a “collaborative writing” task, recruited 99 students to attend synchronous interactive experiment,and analyzed online interactive texts applying qualitative and quantitative methods. As a result, the influencing factors includes: group size, member gender, interactive style, interactive process, collaborative environment. Lastly, the researchers put forward suggestions to improve online collaborative interaction,such as limited group size in a appropriate range, keeping heterogeneous among member characters, setting a favorable criterion of interactive behavior, and advancing collaborative environment.

Key words: CSCL; interaction; empirical research