Editorial Board(编委会)
Director of Editorial Board
JIANG Hong(蒋 红),Shanghai Open University,China
GU Xiaomin(顾晓敏),Shanghai Open University,China
Executive Editorinchief
XU Huifu(徐辉富),Shanghai Open University,China

HE Kekang(何克抗),Institute of Educational Technology,Beijing Normal University,China
PAN Maoyuan(潘懋元),The Chinese Association of Higher Education,China
QU Zhenyuan(瞿振元),The Chinese Association of Higher Education,China
XIE Weihe(谢维和),China education development strategy association
ZHONG Binglin(钟秉林),The Chinese Society of Education,China
ZHOU Yuanqing(周远清),The Chinese Association of Higher Education,China

Asha Kanwar,President and Chief Executive Officer of commonwealth of learning,Canada
CHEN Li(陈 丽),The Research Center of Distance Education,Beijing Normal University,China
CHEN Xiangming(陈向明),Graduate School of Education,Peking University,China
Costas Spirou, The National Louis University,USA
DING Xin(丁 新),Institute of Distance Education,South China Normal University,China
GU Xiaomin(顾晓敏),Shanghai Open University,China
James Taylor,The University of Southern Queensland,Australia
JIAO Jianli(焦建利),South China Normal University,China
NI Xiaopeng(倪小鹏),Franklin University ,USA
Paul Kawachi,The Asian Journal of Distance Education,Japan
REN Youqun(任友群),East China Normal University,China
SANG Xinmin(桑新民),School of Public Management,Nanjing University,China
Som Naidu,Distance Education,Australia
WANG Qiong(汪琼),Center for Educational Technology,Peking University,China
WANG Yibing(王一兵),College of Education,Zhejiang University,China
WU Gang(吴刚),Department of Curriculum and Instruction,East China Normal University,China
XU Hao(徐皓),Shanghai Open University,China
YANG Zhijian(杨志坚),the Open University of China,China
ZHANG Deming(张德明),Shanghai Distance Education Group,China
ZHANG Baohui(张宝辉),Shaanxi Normal University, China
ZHANG Weiyuan(张伟远),School of Professional and Continuing Education,The University of
ZHU Zhiting(祝智庭),Distance Education College,East China Normal University,China